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Geek Out on Gold!

What will you spend your “Geek Out Gold” on? Perhaps you’ll host happy hour with friends, or enjoy a date night dinner at a delicious Redmond restaurant. Maybe you’ll splurge on a spa day, or treat yourself to something sweet — you deserve both. Whatever it is, we’d love to see how you experience Redmond! Share your photos on social media by tagging #GeekOutGoods

What Else To Do While Visiting Redmond

Redmond is the most passionate place in the Pacific Northwest. Our diverse and eclectic culture is chock-full of attractions, restaurants, parks, trails, and more. Home to Microsoft and Nintendo of America, Redmond is world-renowned as the region’s hub for technological innovations. However, we are truly Geeking Out over our connection to the city’s lush natural surroundings and myriad opportunities for shopping, dining, and lodging. We invite you to explore Redmond and Geek Out with us.