Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions regarding “Geek Out Gold.” Please review the FAQ to see if your question is answered. If you still have questions about our currency, you can contact us at

  • What Is "Geek Out Gold"?

    “Geek Out Gold” is Redmond’s own community currency and can be used ONLY at participating businesses in Redmond. It’s like a gift card to a shopping mall, except you can redeem this at merchants all over town!

  • Can the "Geek Out Gold" certificates be used more than once?

    No. Each certificate has a unique code that, when verified, cannot be reused.

  • Do "Geek Out Gold" certificates hold a balance?

    They do not so we encourage to maximize the full certificate balance when spending your “Geek Out Gold.”

  • Can I give "Geek Out Gold" as a gift?

    Yes. First, purchase the “Geek Out Gold” you’d like to gift here. We recommend buying “Geek Out Gold” in smaller increments, in order to use at multiple merchant locations.

    Once you’ve made your purchase you will receive two (2) emails: a purchase receipt and an email containing PDFs of the certificates. Email certificates to your recipients or print them. When you email, this can be a completely “no-touch” transaction.

    Each certificate will come with a complete list of participating merchants.

Merchant Information

If you are a Redmond merchant, and you are interested in signing up to accept the “Geek Out Gold” community gift certificate, please click the following button to learn more about how to start accepting the community currency.