• What Is Geek Out Gold?

    Geek Out Gold is Redmond Washington’s own community currency, which can be used ONLY at participating businesses located in Redmond. It’s like a gift card to a shopping center, except you can use it at a wide range of businesses all over the City of Redmond!

  • How does Geek Out Gold work?
    • The certificate (printed or electronic) is presented like cash at participating businesses at the time of purchase
    • Certificate code is quickly redeemed by the Geek Out Gold business and the total amount is deducted from the sale transaction

  • Where can I spend Geek Out Gold?

    There’s a growing list of local businesses that accept the currency and you can view them here.

  • Can Geek Out Gold certificates be used more than once?

    No. Each certificate has a unique code that, when verified, cannot be reused.

  • Do Geek Out Gold certificates expire?

    Geek Out Gold certificates that were distributed as part of the 2022 “You Stay We Pay” promotion have an expiration date of December 31, 2022. Please spend your Geek Out Gold before the expiration date!

  • I noticed the City of Kirkland ran a similar program, can I use Geek Out Gold in Kirkland?

    No, Kirkland businesses are not accepting Geek Out Gold and Redmond businesses are not accepting Kirkland’s community currency, Kirkland Ca$h. Redmond gift certificates (Geek Out Gold) can only be used at participating Redmond businesses.

  • Do Geek Out Gold certificates hold a balance?

    Each Geek Out Gold certificate is one-time use only, and the full amount must be used in a single transaction. We encourage to maximize the full certificate balance when spending your Geek Out Gold.

  • Can I Give Geek Out Gold certificates as a gift?

    Yes, you can support the local Redmond economy by gifting Geek Out Gold certificates here.