Sign Up To Accept Geek Out Gold

If you are a Redmond business, and you are interested in signing up to accept “Geek Out Gold” community gift certificates, we invite you to join us. There is no cost to you, and you will receive 100% of the proceeds from the “You Stay, We Pay” hotel incentive certificates. With $50,000 being distributed to guests in our Redmond hotels, your business should be included as an eligible merchant to receive some of those funds. Get signed up today by clicking the button below.

Please note: Invitation Code is “Redmond”

Tim Short, Owner, Redmond's Bar & Grill

“We are definitely seeing extra business as a result of the Geek Out Gold campaign, thank you!”

Program Benefits

No POS or special system is required. You simply enter a gift certificate code into a website control panel, or scan a QR code with a smart phone app. The money is awarded to you, and you are paid within a week!

It's Totally Free! No sign up fee, no maintenance fees
It's Super Easy It takes 5 minutes to sign up
Free Promotion We send new customers to your door
Support Local Your participation helps others shop locally

Qifei Xu, Owner, Zeeks Pizza

“This program was easy to get on board and execute, and brought in some much needed revenue. Most importantly beyond anything else, it brings in excited customers who want to have a good time.”

Dan Ullom, Owner, Brick & Mortar Books

“This program has been nothing but upside for us.”

How To Accept "Geek Out Gold"

We understand that business can be fast pace and we’re happy to share that redeeming “Geek Out Gold” certificates is simple and takes very little time. We encourage our participating merchants to print out the documentation and keep it by the register so all employees have access to the quick & easy guide.

  • What's the benefit for my business to participate?

    There’s no cost to your business for participating, your business receives free marketing, and best of all—$50,000 is being spread out among Redmond businesses.

  • Does it cost to participate?

    It’s totally free—Plus, no POS or special systems are required!

  • How do I get paid?

    Once a merchant validates a certificate, we (and you) see in the system the certificate has been validated and the dollar amount you are owed. OneRedmond then send you an ACH electronic transfer or check (whichever preferred) weekly with the balance owed.

  • Can the certificates be used more than once?

    No. Each certificate has a unique code that, when verified, cannot be reused

  • What if the customer doesn’t use the whole certificate?

    You may either issue store credit or give cash back for any unused portion of the certificate.

  • Can I get a report on activity?

    Yes, by logging into the Merchant Portal on our website you can see what has been redeemed and paid.

  • Will it be hard to train my staff on redeeming certificates?

    Not at all. Redeeming the certificates is easy & quick, and can even be done at the end of the business day. For a simple guide on how to redeem certificates, click here.